PC-Install USB stick- details

▶NO USER INPUT ACTIONS NEEDED -Our solutions is fully automatized so you just need to start the installation.

▶TIME SAVING -You do not need to waste time downloading drivers or updating the system.Our solution has embedded all your necessary drivers and your windows is up-to-date.

▶UNLIMITED INSTALLATIONS -You can freshly re-install your computer whenever you want and as more as you want.Rather if you choose a license or not there is not a set limit for installations.

▶EXPRESS LICENSE DELIVERY -Does not matter if you choose a package (Windows+Office), or just one of these products you will get the product license key in a few minutes.

▶FAST INSTALLATION -The used hardware for USB Flash Drive has high speeds(USB 3.0) and the installation is much faster than you ever expected.

How it works

A simple and easy to follow way of setting up your computer

Plugin the USB

Simply start you PC, plug in the pc-install.com USB and start the process

Wait a few minutes...

The process is automated and you don't have to a thing, jsut wait for it to finish

Use your PC

Your PC is ready to use with all your favorite apps and software. Enjoy!